Chance to win a trip for 2 to rockwater secret cove resort.





Welcome to the contest page on my website.  Here you will find hints and also contest rules.  Grand prize is a trip for 2 to Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the Sunshine Coast worth $1500!  Good luck.

  • I will go on a hike/walk every week in Chilliwack until all the keys are gone.
  • If you find a box please email me where you found it so I can mark it off the list.
  • Once all the keys are found (total 20) we will get together and see who’s key opens the lock box.
  • Inside the box you will find one key, a Tim Horton’s gift card worth $10 and a note.

Lindeman Lake

1st Clue:  On a rock in the river to the left of the trail head.  FOUND




2nd Clue:  Lindeman Lake Trail – Under a small rock.  FOUND


3rd Clue:  Mt Thom – Where the steep staircase used to be sorta in the middle of the hike.  Now it’s just a steep path that some hikers still use.  In a tree.  FOUND

4th Clue: Lindeman – On the mossy rocks.  FOUND


5th Clue: Mt Thom – The box is hidden in the rock wall. HOWEVER do not destroy the wall looking for it.  I simply placed it between some large rock then used a smaller rock that was laying on the ground to hide it. You will only need to move a small rock about the size of a volleyball.  FOUND


6th Clue: Lindeman Lake Trail – Take this picture with you…under some wood. FOUND


7th Clue: Elk – In a tree.  FOUND


8th Clue: Teapot – Steepest part of the trail, located on the right (as you go up) NOT the scary drop off on the left. Also off trail.  Been hard to find so far. DISQUALIFIED


9th Clue:  Cheam Wetlands – FOUND



10th Clue: Great  Blue Heron Reserve FOUND


11th Clue: Vedder Ridge Trail FOUND

I was up hiking on Sunday for over 3 hours and was surprised to not see any other hikers on the trail. Anyway I’ve hidden 2 keys on the trail.  The first picture just shows where to go to get to the trail head.  I find that this trail is a bit hidden and can be confusing for your first time.


I’ve driven my older CRV up to this point before and parked, the trail head is about 200 feet down this path then to the right into the trees. If you have a regular car you may want to park further down the road and walk up.

One key is located around the pond area.


12th Clue: You can see the end of the wooden path from where the key is placed.  FOUND


13th Clue:  Vedder Ridge Trail, stuffed in a tree in this location. FOUND


14th Clue: Still one more at Vedder Ridge Trail FOUND


15th Clue: The Vedder Ridge trail last key is located behind this stick in the fallen tree. FOUND