Chance to win a trip for 2 to rockwater secret cove resort.



Welcome to the contest page on my website.  Here you will find hints and also contest rules.  Grand prize is a trip for 2 to Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the Sunshine Coast worth $1500!  Good luck.

  • I will go on a hike/walk every week in Chilliwack until all the keys are gone.
  • If you find a box please email me where you found it so I can mark it off the list.
  • Once all the keys are found (total 20) we will get together and see who’s key opens the lock box.
  • Inside the box you will find one key, a Tim Horton’s gift card worth $10 and a note.

Lindeman Lake

1st Clue:  On a rock in the river to the left of the trail head.  FOUND


2nd Clue:  Lindeman Lake Trail – Under a small rock.  FOUND


3rd Clue:  Mt Thom – Where the steep staircase used to be sorta in the middle of the hike.  Now it’s just a steep path that some hikers still use.  In a tree.  FOUND

4th Clue: Lindeman – On the mossy rocks.  FOUND


5th Clue: Mt Thom – The box is hidden in the rock wall. HOWEVER do not destroy the wall looking for it.  I simply placed it between some large rock then used a smaller rock that was laying on the ground to hide it. You will only need to move a small rock about the size of a volleyball.  FOUND


6th Clue: Lindeman Lake Trail – Take this picture with you…under some wood. FOUND


7th Clue: Elk – In a tree.